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A poorly insulated, drafty house can cost you plenty.
But a little bit of paint can save money by immediately reducing your energy bill.

As we speak about insulation and paint, we want you to discover our revolutionary INSUL8DECO. Insulation and fashion in one!
INSUL8deco makes insulating your house an easy do-it-yourself project that offers an immediate payoff in lower energy bills.

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PAINT IT WHITE (Sorry Mick!) with 2WHITE

Now, a global movement claims reflective roofs could help cities deal with the effects of climate change.
Cool roofs are an efficient ways to limit the urban heat island effect while also keeping emissions from air conditioning and fans down!

Wear black on a hot day and you’ll feel it for yourself: Dark surfaces absorb heat, while light, reflective surfaces keep things much more comfortable.

LIQUISOL 2WHITE offers you an effective and easy way to turn your black roof into white. It will drops surface temperature from 80 °C down to 35 °C!

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ERIKS BAUDOIN, een compleet gamma, voor elke applicatie

Lagers, industriële slangen, afsluiters,  PBM’s, mechanische dichtingen, rubbers, gereedschappen, …Het ERIKS gamma is compleet, kwalitatief en uitgebalanceerd.

Geen enkele toeleverancier evenaart de breedte en de diepte van het ERIKS-assortiment.  Laat staan de toegevoegde waarde!

One more happy customer!

Van: jameskd
Onderwerp: Doorst.: Liquisol feedback
Datum: 31 mei 2015 22:11:38 CEST
Aan: Steve Chambers


Thought you guys would like to hear  from a very happy customer!
Begin forwarded message:


From: Jim Champlin
Date: May 31, 2015 10:24:46 AM MST
To: jameskd
Subject: Re: Liquisol


I just had the skylights in my den sprayed with Liquidsol 4EVER BLUE. This room got very warm on sunny summer days and our AC couldn't keep up with it and ran constantly !
I had my painter spray it on and practicing first is a must. It was a fairly windy day so that made it even more difficult but with aptience it worked. Very ligh pass first, don't try to get full cover 1st time. Let it dry and then another pass and let that dry. It ended up taking 3 passes though each pass was very light. Wind caused the issue so doing it too heavy could cause dripping on skylight.
The day was very sunny and the reflection outside felt by the sprayer was very hot ! The heat and defined sun reflection before applying 4ever blue coming through the skylights was very noticeably less after the application.
I attached photos showing the reflection intensity before the application before 4ever blue and the very muted reflection after the application. The light clearly still came through but not the intense reflection/glare and heat.
I'm looking forward to a cooler summer and lower AC bills.
Thank you,
Jim Champlin

Enjoy the summerlight not the heat! Try 4EVERblue!

Installing small skylights in your office, retail store or workplace can have a massive positive effect on employee comfort and happiness. Since sun exposure is one of the most important elements of good health, using skylights to light your office lets you keep your team focused, efficient and more comfortable at work.

But sometimes there is too much light and heat coming into your building through the skylight causing excessive glare, making things uncomfortable and driving up your cooling energy costs.
LIQUISOL 4EVERblue, brings you a simple, economical alternative to reduce the unwanted, annoying heat and glare!

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