Do you need to prepare for summer 2018?

With the summer coming to a close we thought we would look at the average temperatures that businesses have had to cope with in Belgium. Over the summer months, the average temperature over 32 days has been an incredible 28 ˚C!!!!! As you can imagine this has meant challenging (and costly) working conditions for many businesses - even more so for those with machinery generating even more heat.

Here at Liquisol we have been very busy keeping up with the demand for our solar reducing paint products. Following the extreme summer conditions, many businesses are already looking at how they can reduce the temperatures in their workspace. To see how we can help you, please contact us.

Introducing 4EVERDark

In situations where there is extreme heat and glare there is still a solution available from our Liquisol Solar Paint Range. This image shows where used our 4EverDark solar paint to reduce the glare and heat allowing the labourers and machinery to carry on working as normal in these extreme conditions.  

4EVERDark, provides extreme heat and glare protection while 4EVER lets in the most light and is optimal for applications where customers want heat and glare control combined with a maximum amount of light.

Liquisol 4EverBlue Solar - saves energy, expense and improves your environment

Liquisol’s innovative 4EverBlue Solar control paint reduces solar heat, decreasing the temperature in summer months. Not only that, it also helps to protect your soft furnishings, artwork and wooden floors from fading. The harsh glare of the sun is also reduced and a soft blue hue simulates the natural appearance of the sky allowing natural light through. 

Recent feedback from a customer that installed this product in spring 2016, includes that the temperature in their conservatory dropped by 8 ℃. Their living room was also cooler by between 4 to 5 ℃. A considerable energy saving for a very small investment.