Antwerp University

On the skylight of 80 sqm and the 18 skydomes, 2 layers of Liquisol 4everBlue was applied.

The major problem for this client was the heat in the summer time. Because of its biopharmaceutical labs, temperatures are very important to  perform correct tests.

The building has major skylights and skydomes which turned into heat sources in  summer time. It took 2 days to complete the job.



SNCF Sportscenter chooses Liquisol!

Glastint searched for many options to solve the problem. They discovered Liquisol at Paris trade show Batimat, untill that moment, they had no proper solution for their client SNCF. 

In collaboration with us they performed a test to convince the architect of the project. To simulate the sun, we used a XENON headlight of a car. In no time the client was convinced. 

The installation was applied with an airless spraygun. It took a week to perfom the job.

4EVERblue job at MONSOON UK

The installer John McNally could not apply window film on the corrugaded surface, that's why he

was searching for another solution. Soon he was to find out that Liquisol was the perfect solution for

his client. Because of strict safety regulations, the installation took about 3 weeks.

At the end, the client was very pleased with the final result!

Talking French uses Liquisol to protect their stock from fading

Talking French women's clothes store in Knokke experienced some problems with the new clothes stored in their warehouse in the back of the shop. On top of the clothing boxes is a 10 sqm glass skylight. This skylight caused many problems, especially colour fading of the fabrics. The value of the cloths in the warehouse is worth about 10.000 euro. New Future Business, the Talking French window film contractor, installed 4EVERblue. This 480 euro job will be payed back in only a few weeks by protecting the fabrics from fading. Bart from New Future Business used his Graco Easymax spray gun and delivered a perfect job in no time.

Project Solar Heat Control DE BLAUWE HOND

De Blauwe Hond is a trade store for professionals inluding 3 divisions. Paint, tools, materials. The 100 sqm skylight in the shop caused many problems during summer time. The counter, made out of a black surface gets too hot to touch. Between 12 and 16 pm it was nearly impossible to read the cash register screen because of glare. The solution was simple, 2 layers of 4EVERblue. Because DBH is an Antwerp salespoint of the Liquisol products, they choose to only treat half of the skylight surface. By doing so, the clients can see and feel the difference of a skylight with or without 4EVERblue, the liquid solar control. Even though the skylight was only half protected, they measured a termperature difference of 5 degrees celcius!

Coffee Warehouse Extreme heat Protection @ KATOEN NATIE

Valkeniersnatie, a division of the Belgian logistics multinational Katoen Natie, stores coffee beans in their Antwerp warehouse. Liquisol 4EVERdark was applied on their glass skylights. An impressive result is visible on the pictures below. The UV block is complete, very important for the storage of food. The (sun)light is  blocked to avoid decoloration  while there is still enough light to work properly. The heat dropped by more than 4 degrees celcius, with just 20% of the skylight protected.